Business (Special) Improvement Districts

Improvement Districts drive economic growth and create job opportunities for local residents. They can make it easier for businesses to relocate to your community by offering a guide to meet municipal requirements. An Improvement District is an organizational and finance tool that makes local businesses and property owners the driving force in revitalizing their downtown. The Improvement District may focus on quality of life issues — upgrading sidewalks, removing graffiti, street cleaning and creating an environment where local businesses can thrive; all as a supplement to municipal services.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS, LLC will bring you step-by-step through the approval process, coordinate services with municipal departments and act as a liaison between your local government and the stakeholders in your community. This model can put your downtown on a path towards revitalization and economic prosperity.

Additionally, we help your local government capitalize on the funding available to jumpstart investment into your Improvement District. Our full portfolio of services allows us to find grants, sponsors and services for your District.

At ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS, LLC we make sure your local government is capitalizing on incentive packages available to grow your local economy, and creating a model to promote revitalization. We aggressively market your downtown, encourage partnerships and enlist community support. We work together to beautify your downtown making it an engine for economic activity and a strong anchor of your local tax base.